Digital Sketch Teams @ The Ruby LA

digital sketch teams submissions*Midi Trumpet Horn Plays Here* Here ye Here ye! We are amazed at all the work folks did for the micro Sketch Festivals. Community members from all over the US have figured out how to create videos together while being located in different houses, different towns, even different states. We found this to be so inspiring we thought “hey – if people can figure out how to put together videos in all of these locations, maybe we can figure out how to make digital sketch teams.”

So that’s what we’re doing.

How do you apply? Well we’ll release that info soon. But first find out if you’re qualified to apply.

  1. You are qualified to apply if you are currently on (or were previously on) a Ruby LA sketch team from September 2019 until right now.


2. You’ve taken our comedic content sketch class. If you haven’t taken that class there are just two spots left (as of this writing) so jump in there!


We’ll release more info soon so keep checking back for more info!