Role Model: Janaya Future Khan

Janaya ‘Future’ Khan is the role model we all need right now. Their ability to explain major historical and political events in such an easy to understand and patient way is the only thing we want to watch.  Every Sunday they put out a Sunday sermon and this is our new church! Everyone get in and buckle up. A little bit of hope is about to march into your day.





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Empathy has become a vexing topic. Liberals will evoke it as stagnant value that often cuts down real movement work, newer scholarship suggests it causes more harm than good, and studies show us that there is a ‘racial empathy gap’ with real life consequences. This Sermon grapples with the concept of empathy, what empathy looks like in action, and what must be done to live with the fullness that this work, and your life, demands. The more you become who you are meant to be, the fewer people you will have around you. This is true, but remember that you cannot live the life you deserve if you are surrounded by those who do not deserve you. Remember our brother Dijon Kizzee. We will keep fighting for him. #blacklivesmatter

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