How To: Complete Your Creative Project with Brooke Purdy

Brooke Purdy is a writer and director who’s worked with Def Comedy Jam and DefPictures,  HBO, Jamie Kennedy Productions, Lifetime and Showtime. She’s also written and directed her own film Quality Problems which is out on the festival circuit now.  Here we get some tips and tricks on how to stand up for your ideas and see them through to the end.


brooke purdyWhat’s the number one thing you need to get started writing?

Belief in yourself and that you have a voice that needs to be heard.

What’s the hardest thing about executing an idea from its first kernel to the finished product?

Perseverance. All the tools and technical knowledge can only take you so far. It’s about writing on the days where you are “not feeling it” and JUST. STAYING. THE. COURSE. 95% of the struggle is just finishing.

Do you have any tips on making sure your ideas get heard in a room full of dudes?

KNOWING that you are the best person to tell YOUR story. If you believe in it 100% it will be undeniable. It will power you past the (many) NOS until someone recognizes your passion. (Also having your CHEERLEADERS on hand to help along the way.)

Thanks for the tips Brooke! You can learn a lot more from Brooke Purdy by signing up for her class here.