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Looking for a place to record your podcast? The Ruby Radio booth is available! You get access to pro equipment, pro sound studio space, and a pro engineer to monitor and deliver your mix. Current Ruby students receive a discounted price.



NOTE: We require a week’s notice for podcast bookings. Bookings requested for within a week will be kicked back. For questions, email booth@therubyla.com . Thanks!

HIGH TRAFFIC HOURS: Please note that 7pm-10pm M-TH often has improv or sketch classes next door. These classes sometimes get loud. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any additional discounts due to sound bleed, and if you want to absolutely avoid any sound bleed we suggest you book during the day on weekdays.

CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING POLICY: We require 48 hours’ notice for cancellations/rescheduling. Cancellations/reschedulings that occur with fewer than 48 hours to your record date require full payment of engineer’s fees to recoup their time. Thanks for your understanding!

RESPECT THE SPACE: If you are waiting in the green room for the booth, please note that others may be conducting meetings or readings in that space. Please keep talking to a minimum if others are using the space for these purposes. Please clean up after you leave. Any items you bring into the booth must come out with you when you leave. Thank you!

PRICING:  Renting the booth costs $30 per hour paid below via paypal with our updated online scheduler. Engineers are paid $20 per hour to be paid via Venmo or cash when you arrive at your scheduled record time. To schedule your appointment, select “General Rental” below.

If you are a current Ruby student or house team member, you may rent the booth at a discounted rate. You will still need to pay the engineer $20 per hour when you arrive at your scheduled record time. To schedule your appointment, select “Ruby Student” from the options below.



  • The Ruby LA has a no-refund policy on all classes, rentals, and shows. If we need to cancel or re-schedule for any reason, you are entitled to a credit equal to the cost of the rental you originally requested. To acquire that credit, email booth@therubyla.com and choose Podcast Reschedule in the “Select Service” dropdown box.
  • The Ruby LA also reserves the right to postpone or cancel a rental if an emergency or unforeseen conflict arises. Any fees incurred for travel, lodging, etc. will not be reimbursed by the Ruby LA.


We have updated the booth booking app. Please read above for instructions. 

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