Feeling the itch to create?

The Ruby LA’s micro Sketch Fest is your opportunity to scratch that itch. What is a micro sketch? A 30-59 second sketch that quickly tells one joke or shows a relatable feeling. Think something you’d put on TikTok or Instagram.

On March 12th, at noon Pacific, we’ll send you the theme. Then you’ll have 2 weeks to write, shoot, and edit your micro sketch based on that theme.

All content should be written, produced, and edited after March 12th, 2020. Anything that has been produced beforehand, will not be included in the festival.

All content should comply with our safe space policy. Anything that does not comply will not be included in the festival.

All content that is longer than 59 seconds long will not be included in the festival.

No content should include material that is copyrighted. All music, clips, photos, etc., must be owned by the participant.

All entries that follow the above guidelines and deadlines will be accepted and aired during the festival screening on March 27th at 7pm (PDT)!


Want to learn more about creating characters? Tap here!

The deadline to sign up for the festival is March 12th at 11:59 am (Pacific).

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