Writing for Late Night: What It Takes To Make It with Janie Stolar (ONLINE CLASS)

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Smiling photo of instructor Janie Stolar
Instructor Janie Stolar

Janie Stolar is a remarkably humble comedy writer whose TV credits include “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” “Bravo’s Chat Room” and “Billy on the Street.”

On the Internet side, Janie wrote, directed and performed in sketches that amassed millions of views as a staff writer for CollegeHumor. She has also contributed to Reductress and The Onion’s celebrity gossip parody site.

As a live comedy writer/performer, Janie got her start on Wesleyan University’s sketch team before joining house improv and sketch teams at Upright Citizens Brigade and Magnet Theater in New York. In LA, Janie hosted Reductress’s live stand up show and her own pop culture variety show, “Obsessed,” which first ran at The Ruby.

This class meets once and does not have a class show.

When it comes to getting a job in late night TV, there’s only one sure-fire method for landing a gig: have your dad be Johnny Carson. But for all those of us who don’t have blatant nepotism working in our favor, the highly confusing and competitive world of late night is all about persistence, hard work, talent and strategy.

And strategy is where this workshop comes in! This session will equip you with a sense of the experience, skill, persistence, relationships and luck that you’ll need to break in. We’ll also go over the ins and outs of navigating the late night world, the general rules of effective joke-writing and stellar sketch pitching, and what an average day might look like on the job.

By the time you leave this class, you’ll understand how late night hiring works, how to best position yourself to apply, and what to do when you receive a packet. Hollywood loves an opaque system, but in this illuminating workshop we certainly do not!

SATURDAY AUGUST 6th, 11am – 1pm


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