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Empowered Editing (Workshop)

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Sunday, October 20th from 1PM-5PM
Price: $150
Instructor: Katy Dolle

Are you tired of having to call “that guy” every time that you need something edited? Finally, a workshop for you!

Learn all the basics of video editing in Adobe Premiere, without any mansplaining. The class will cover everything you need from start to finish:

  • How to set up a project
  • Shortcuts and tricks in Premiere
  • Dealing with different audio & video formats
  • Cutting to enhance story & comedic timing
  • How to export for all different platforms

At the end of this workshop, you will have gained valuable connections with other creatives, knowledge of how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere, and the confidence to create your own content from start to finish! You won’t have to hire an editor for your basic comedy sketches or shorts again!

Instructor: Katy Dolle

Students will be required to bring in laptops, loaded with Premiere (a free 30-day trial is available through the Adobe website). If this is not possible, students are still welcome to register, watch along in the projector, and take notes.

In addition to performing comedy, Katy Dolle has been a freelance editor for many companies including BuzzFeed, Smosh and Good Mythical Morning. She wants to pass along this knowledge so she can empower people to create their own content.

Our classrooms are ADA compliant.



Sunday, October 20th from 1PM-5PM
Price: $150

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