Hello! Thanks for your interest in our brand new Digital Sketch Teams! Submissions are open now until Friday November 13th at 11:59 pm (PST).


Our Digital Teams are an exciting adventure for us! Our goal is to give folks “on the job” experience learning how to do things they previously didn’t know how to do – editing, camera angles, acting, directing, you will push yourself to grow in new and amazing ways.


Your team will also be required to produce content monthly to start. (Then ramping up to more content as everyone learns the ropes.) And all teams will meet weekly. Note, all meetings will be remote.


If you were previously on a Ruby LA sketch team, then you can go ahead and submit here.


If you were not on a Ruby LA sketch team previously, but have completed our Comedic Content Class, read below for our submission requirements.


For your application you will need:

A sketch packet with two sketches-

  • One 3-5 page sketch.
  • One blackout / or TikTok style sketch.
  • One of those sketches must be a topical sketch. One must be evergreen.
  • These sketches will need to be combined into one pdf.

A description of how you would realistically shoot your blackout sketch. This can be a shot list, paragraph, a spreadsheet, whatever works best for you.

  • Remember you will try to shoot this sketch with a team located all over, from Seattle, Los Angeles, St. Louis, etc.
  • Don’t include something that you can’t EASILY acquire. Like an excessive amount of pyrotechnics. Unless you can easily acquire that. Then whoa. Congrats.
  • Make this as simple as you can. That’s what we’re looking for. Take your super fun sketch idea, and make sure that gets translated as simply as possible.
  • This also needs to be in a pdf.

The application will also include an area where you will write a one paragraph description on how you will promote your team’s sketches.

When you’ve got your packet and black out description ready to go, head to the application here.