Saturday 04/07/2018
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
The Ruby L.A., Los Angeles CA

Sold Out

Our 12 hour comedy fest is free until 7 pm and seating is done on a first come first serve basis. After 7 pm, we are are pre-selling guaranteed tickets for $10. This ticket will get you in for all shows after 7 pm! We will still have a few free, first come first served seats from 7 pm on, if you’d like to risk it! If you’d like to purchase one of the pre-sell tickets, register below!

12:00 PM Volcano
12:20 PM Barbershop
12:40 PM 850 Fico
1:00 PM Splash
1:20 PM The Future
1:40 PM Chased By Bear
2:00 PM The Voltage
2:30 PM Road Friez
3:00 PM Vanities
3:20 PM Science
3:40 PM THG News
4:00 PM Branzino
4:30 PM Money Pit
5:00 PM Cousins
5:20 PM Burbs
6:00 PM Sweetheart
6:20 PM Rascal Alley Confirmed
6:40 PM Aeroplane
7:00 PM Short Stop
7:30 PM Second Class Citizens
8:00 PM Harvard Sailing Team
8:30 PM Marcella Arguello
9:00 PM Improv with our Buds
10:00 PM Nicole Yates / Caitlin Durante / Guy Branum
11:00 PM Karen
11:30 PM United Dance Party