Jorjeana Marie: Desk Piece

Jorjeana Marie (who wrote an improv book!) writes to us from her current view: a bit of ocean in Miami in this week’s desk piece.

What thing do you have to have to start writing?
The less requirements I put on myself, the better. I’ve learned with deadlines to write in most circumstances. That said, I still need a pen, computer, quill, etc. I’ve also started doing the Pomodoro technique to work on projects I can’t quite get going on.

What’s your favorite thing in your desk area?
I have an old timey computer keyboard that looks like a typewriter and makes satisfactory ka-chunk sounds. Just makes me feel good.

What is a just punishment for people who steal pens?
Shanking with a sharpened Bic pen cap, partly chewed on for possible contaminants? Seems apropo in my mind.

Thanks Jorjeana!!