Feeling Grateful

We asked our house team members what they’re feeling thankful for this year. And they did not disappoint! Some sweet. Some hilarious. Thanks to ya’ll for a great year!


My Mom was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and we just received word that it’s benign. So I’m feeling super grateful about that!!
-Joey Rich (The Voltage)

I am grateful that AMC A List appeared just as MoviePass was crumbling.
-Paul Laier (The Voltage)

I’m thankful for Lindsey Barrow!
-Steph Garcia (Money Pit)

I am grateful for the flipping of the house and for good food. Democracy always makes me hungry.
-Amanda Salvatore (The Vanities)

I am grateful for my family and the freedom of choice to not spend this holiday with them.
-Molly Wixon (The Vanities)

I’m grateful that I get to text Lindsey in secret.
Also, grateful that LA is empty during the holidays.
-Rebecca Edwards (Short Stop)

I’m grateful for Fernet, Listerine and KAREN.
-Nick Casalini (KAREN)

My dogs who lick all my dishes clean so that I don’t have to wash them. Who’s coming to my house for Thanksgiving btw?! Need a headcount.
-Lisa Laureta (Splash)

The eventual surety of death, the great equalizer.
-Tom Hamilton (KAREN)

I’m grateful for comedy (sketch, improv, stand-up, from the smart satire all the way to the silly and goofy), which we need in these dystopian-novel-prologue times.
-Chris McGowan (Branzino)

Lauren’s dog Hoyt.
Neel Ghosh (Earhart)

I’m thankful for our community. Not just The Ruby community, which I love, but the entire LA improv/sketch comedy community. You’re all so constantly, consistently silly and fun to be around. Thank you for being the best kind of family I could ever choose.
-Dwayne Colbert (Short Stop)

When you wake a cat and it makes that noise. Like “mmrph?” That.
-Sara Ghaleb (The ‘Burbs)

SO grateful for: Lip balm and lotion.
-Kimberly Truong (The Vanities)

Dogs with instagram accounts!
-Laura Breen (Splash)

In 100 years, more people will know the names of today’s artists than its politicians.
-Zach Tabacco (KAREN)

Ok – mine is every time The Rock posts his cheat meals on Instagram. It’s like 17 plates of sushi or cookies just for him. Very aspirational.
-Becky Feldman (Earhart)

I am grateful for being stable enough to finally start pursuing what I really want to do. Mainly, ombre, drop crotch pants, italian granite and other slightly passeé trends.
-Jacky Tran (Splash)

The fact that dogs haven’t let us down yet.
-Santosh Reddy (The Vanities)

-Raymond Lew (Branzino)

Lindsey Barrow, who is super cool. I wrote this for real. She didn’t fake it, but she probably faked all the other ones that say Lindsey Barrow.
-Erich Eilenberger (Money Pit)

There’s nothing I can say here to defend myself.
-Lindsey Barrow (Money Pit & KAREN)